In a previous post we show you how to set up your Google+ account to broadcast live, and simultaneously with YouTube, through a Hangout Now let’s go a step further and we’ll explain how to create a webinar through that same account. You can also see the videotutorial we have prepared.

What is it and what is the use of a webinar?
Basically, it is a marketing tool used to make a conference, seminar or workshop through the Internet . During the course of the same, an interaction takes place between the person or company that exposes the subject and the assistants in direct who participate through questions or comments in direct (usually via chat).

Main characteristics of a webinar
The most common features of any webinar are the following:

They have incorporated voice communication and, sometimes, the image of the presenter.
Usually display the computer screen of the presenter live.
It is broadcast in real time , but it can usually be recorded for later broadcasting.
It allows to communicate live with the participants through chat or voice.
It makes it possible to share documents with texts, infographics, photos, videos, etc.
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How to make a webinar step by step
1) Start a Hangout and enable the Live option.
The first thing is to enter your Google+ account and start a Hangout .
Then click on the blue box « Start a live conversation».
To continuation, you have to write the following data of the webinar:
Name .
Description .
If you want the video to be public or private . If you choose the second option, you will have to add the authorized contacts to follow the webinar.
As you can see, the process is the same for any session of ideoconference with Google+.

2) Start issuing the webinar
You will get a live broadcast screen with the possibility of rebroadcasting both on Google+ and on your YouTube channel.

In the left part you have several options or tools to create an effective and colorful webinar: chat, controls, sound effects, connect with the Drive, control volume, take pictures, etc.

Next, we will describe the most interesting tools :

It is the most powerful and useful tool. With just clicking on the icon, you can connect with all your documents from the Drive (word documents, presentations in ppt, excel tables) and dictate the webinar about them.

You can add effects in order to draw attention and make the webinar more fun . You have several options: hats, crowns, masks, etc.

When you click on the chat, a column will open on the right side of the screen, where you can have real-time text conversations with the people connected.


This option allows you to select the size and location of the window where you want the webinar to be displayed


It is also possible to pose questions to users.


Through this option, you can raise or lower the volume and eject connected people who do not comply with the rules.

End of the webinar

To end session you just have to drag the red button «Stop the broadcast» (located in the upper right corner) Once the webinar is generated, it can be recorded so that everyone who wishes to see it in deferred.

There are other tools to create more complete webinars, such as Goto Webinar, which allows videoconferences of up to 25 people and polls among other functionalities. However, the main drawback is that they are paid.