In a previous post we show you how to set up your Google+ account to broadcast live, and simultaneously with YouTube, through a Hangout Now let’s go a step further and we’ll explain how to create a webinar through that same account. You can also see the videotutorial we have prepared.

What is it and what is the use of a webinar?
Basically, it is a marketing tool used to make a conference, seminar or workshop through the Internet . During the course of the same, an interaction takes place between the person or company that exposes the subject and the assistants in direct who participate through questions or comments in direct (usually via chat).

Main characteristics of a webinar
The most common features of any webinar are the following:

They have incorporated voice communication and, someti...

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The Internet and the World Wide Web serve to connect people from all over the world. Social networks are used as a meeting point to communicate privately or publicly with friends and family, but also with strangers. Anyone can have free access to a large proportion of information on different thematic areas spread over a number of different projects. Online stores and sales platforms such as Amazon or eBay allow you to buy without having to move from the couch and there is a lot of multimedia content available: you can listen to music on the way home with your mobile, share favorite songs and images with other users and witness the experiences of our relatives thanks to thelive broadcasts .

One of the formats that also takes advantage of the advantages offered by the Internet and the Web i...

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If you want to offer video tutorials, give a lecture or direct question and answer sessions on your website, a webinar is the perfect alternative to live chat and written content. Video is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the modern blogging experience and live visual media can really boost your number of visitors.

If you are going to host any type of live broadcast on your WordPress website , the best solution is Google Hangout. This free feature of Google+ is powerful, easy to use and can be added to your WordPress website as easily as embedding a YouTube video .

Create a Hangout

In the pop-up screen, you will be asked to enter a name and description for your Hangout and to decide whether to start now or later...

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