Comparison of 9 web seminar systems so you can choose yours, the one that suits your business, to be able to create and manage webinars to your clients

The time comes in the life of a company in which you must start using the webinar system for many reasons. The main reason is to provide guidance, according to businessmen think about webinars. Instead of inviting participants to a conference room with all the high costs involved, plus logistics and inconveniences, entrepreneurs are looking for an easier, cheaper, faster and more convenient way for them and the participants – the solution is the webinar.

But the Web Seminar System can also be used for marketing and sales. Imagine that you are sitting in the office communicating your message to a maximum of 2,000 participants, simultaneously watching the presentation and the video you have prepared – It is very practical, it is easy and at the end of the event you will get the list of participants and their data: name, email, telephone and any other base information that is required, so you can continue to contact them by email, phone or SMS.

Organizations and companies also use the webinar system to deliver messages within the organization easily and quickly. Imagine an organization with branches in different cities of the country or the world. Do you know a more convenient, quick, easy and economical way to bring these people together in a virtual room called Webinar? The answer is no! Transporting people around the country by car or by air costs much more money, spends working hours and requires a lot of work and coordination.

These are just some of the uses you can make with a Webinar.

Webinar is a software that runs in the cloud. This means that you must be connected to the Internet (to the cloud) and log in with your name and password, just like when you log in to your Gmail or Hotmail account. Not only you as operator of the Webinar must be connected to the Internet but also all participants must be connected to the Internet, each of its place and the device that is comfortable for you to use.

Free webinar system
The free service is good, but at some point you will realize that the companies that provide you with free webinar services do not do so because of your generosity. After all, they are a business, just like yours.

So, what does this mean? This means that the service providers of free webinars can not guarantee a high level of service. This can be expressed in disconnections / interruptions during live broadcast. Understand that they do not do it on purpose, but, on the other hand, they have no interest in providing quality service when they do not pay. Of course, during the free period it does not receive any support and there is no online support, and there are other related restrictions such as the number of participants and perhaps additional system conditions such as the company logo of the free service that will appear all the time during the presentation, or announcements that you did not determine and that will accompany the live broadcast.

Webinar (webinar) compared to a conference call
Webinar is an Internet conference from one person to many. The presenter (there is only one presenter at the same time) speaks to the participants (to many). The participants are in visualization mode and listen. They can not make use of the microphone and / or the camera of the computer (Webcam), even if they have it.

A conference call is a meeting over the Internet. One of the participants shows / shares his screen and everyone else can talk using the microphone installed on his computer and open his camera (Webcam).

The best web seminar systems
The following list of different webinar systems that we will now analyze will help you choose the most appropriate webinar for you, your company and your needs. The order of the list is random and should not be considered as a quality rating, neither for price nor for any other quality.

It is worthwhile to review the software list yourself, because only you will know what is best for you. It’s like choosing an apartment, a car or a partner, only you know what is best for you. Friends’ recommendations are good and valuable, but that does not necessarily mean they are right for you, so we suggest you check and experiment, even if it costs you money and time.